A Poetic and Photographic Tribute to Winter

30 Dec

As some of you may know, I simply love winter. It didn’t used to be that way for me. I would get sick of the cold and the snow after a while, and I used to count down the weeks until spring was on its way. But, something changed. I don’t know exactly what changed or why, but now the quiet of the winter enters my heart with crystal clearness. Winter can be fierce and inhabitable, but when winter is still and mild, I find repose and feel centered.

DSC00633Here is my tribute:

A Winter Poem

The snow drifts kindly downwards.

In my chest something awakens,

A soft sadness.

It’s beautiful outside in all its gentleness.

I am surrounded in its peace.


My breathing is slow,

But my chest is resolute.

I know that something is stirring within me.

These past couple of months have been good for me,

Not easy, but good.


The snow reminds me of this.


I am moving inside, I am changing.

I don’t understand,

But I feel grateful.

I am in the right place.

I can feel it. I know it.


Something is moving within me,

Affirming, assuring, yes.

These memories are blending into me.


I feel comforted.


This sadness, it’s a goodbye.

Yes, a goodbye. I am closing a door.

The snow tells me it is okay.

My chest is resolute. It knows something.

I have something I didn’t before.


I can look forward.

I feel hope.

The snow tells me I will be moving on now,

A new door.

I look to the sky.

It is so peaceful today. 











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